Talk Mugler To Me, Baby

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the Mugler show happened. Look who came back.

The Paris shows are finally distracting from Galliano’s admiration for Hitler and Lady Gaga saw an opportunity to be the center of attention yet again…Don’t even worry about Nicola Formichetti. It was only his first womenswear line. The gorgeous streamlined silhouettes, brilliant colors (so, the blue), cool lighting, and the runway composed of a maze of gothic arches with Mary-Kate thin models creeping about were all overshadowed by Gaga’s flippant trips down the catwalk. HER music, accompanied by HER over the top walks while she viciously puffed on a cigarette or waved a piece of fabric around like she was on the church fashion show episode of ANTM made me want to gag, along with those thigh-length harajuku girl pigtails.

Calm down, sister.

I get that Asian influences are a common thread throughout the collection, but we’ve seen that hair on Gwen Stefani’s background bitches for years. I mean, I love the Lady, but she’s just too much since arriving in an egg at the Grammys, her “Born This Way” video, and now this. Celebrate diversity, let your freak flag fly…more power to you, but just space these creative outbursts a bit more. Watch the entire Mugler show below.

In other news, February went very well. I have a love hate relationship with New York Fashion Week; I live for the intensity leading up to a show…so many cigarettes, pills, and gallons of anything remotely smelling of alcohol consumed by such beautiful people. The buzz around Lincoln Center was an effortless blend of superficial magic. I loved every second of it. Counting down the months until September! I feel like this post just got a little LiveJournal-esque, but whatevs…Talk soon.


PS all photos are probably from Getty.


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