And The #1 Most Eligible Gay Bachelor Is…

February 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been a long day at the office, and in an effort to blow off some steam I downed a bottle of Portuguese Domingos and a few beers (mind the carbs, ladies) while perusing the interweb for fun things to amuse my vast audience. To the delight of my many international readers, has listed their Top 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors of 2010. Some are fierce, while others are, well, flaccid…

I respect all gay men for being who they are, yadda yadda, but bring on the hotties…Top 5!

Thom Browne, Fashion Designer

5. Thom Browne, Fashion Designer – He’s hot, and I’d wear most of his suits if I was Mary-Kate thin.

Philip Crangi, Designer?

4. Philip Crangi, Designer and Hipster Fantasy – I’ve never heard of him, but any man that can simultaneously rock a patterned bow tie, curly ginger faux-hawk, and hipster stache is a winner in my book. Blue-eyed bonus points. Upon further Googling, Philip Crangi rocks the tattoos and is HOT! He’s like the postergay for Williamsburg:



Ok, let’s continue…

Andy Cohen, The Big Jew on Campus at Bravo

3. Andy Cohen, Sr. VP of Production and Programming at Bravo Television – How can one not love this crooked smile, endearing under-eye bags, perfect nose, and immaculate use of sarcasm on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens: Live”? Not to mention he has perfected the art of enabling rich women to exploit themselves and their families without taking the heat for it! Genius! L’chaim, my friend.

Alexis Bittar, Jewelry Designer/Pretty

2.5. Alexis Bittar, Male Jewelry Designer – I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea Alexis Bittar was a man, let alone a fox. He’s only here because he is hot, designs stunning jewelry, and his nose rivals the greatness of Andy Cohen’s. Also, the phenomenal Lauren Hutton is the new face of his S/S 11 campaign.

Luke MacFarlane, Actor

2. Luke MacFarlane, Brothers & Sisters Dreamboat – This little number infiltrated our televisions and our hearts when he was cast as Kevin Walker’s hubby, Scotty, on ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters”. I’ve been obsessed with B&S since its debut in 2006, and when Scotty came along I was ecstatic. Finally, someone on national television who doesn’t encompass every negative stereotype that the media, let alone the many ignorant viewers, have attributed to gay men.  He’s also got that enchanting what-are-you-looking-at smirk topped off by sparkly blues and the perfect amount of stubble. What did he ever see in TR Knight?

And the winner is……..

Damien Nunes, Fashion Editor at GQ

1. Damien Nunes, the fashion editing stallion of GQ Magazine – Didn’t know I liked the flava huh? Well, this one has my ultimate dream job. Not only is he the former Market Editor for Details, but he’s SO incredibly good looking! I must say, I realized who he is because I was trying to contact him for work, and then I stumbled upon his name on Out’s list of the Top 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors, but even so…he’s incredibly attractive, and the person I would like to meet most on the list, because I want to a) make a business contact, and then b) ruin that business contact by sleeping with him.

And there you have it; my superficial, albeit honest, take on’s list of the Top 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite homo-hottie at until February 14th, that way you’ll feel EXTRA single when the winner is announced! 😉

Until next time, lovelies.



All Photo Credits: Getty Images


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