Diary Of A Retired Fashion Intern: Part Deux

April 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last time I gave you a quick run-through of my first internship, but I completely forgot to tell you about the BEST. INTERNSHIP. EVER. While at H-town, I also had a second internship in the PR department at a vibrant, high-end costume jewelry company called nOir. It was amazing to be exposed to so many editors and stylists who would come into the showroom to pull things, and I actually got to do some of the pulls myself since I had the two coolest bosses in the world: Jen, the PR Director, and Lee, the CEO. My fellow intern Amelia and I would never (well, VERY rarely) find ourselves complaining…literally I think we only whined once when the evil production elf had us checking in new samples. Amelia, Jen and I became quick friends and Lee trusted us with everything. We had such a blast learning about all of the different aspects of a bustling business and we respected her and Jen both for giving us such responsibility so early in the game. Seriously, if you ever need an internship, this is THE place to go. I made amazing friends and contacts and I still make it a point to visit and attend the nOir sample sale on the regular.

You can only work as an unpaid intern for so long, and after about a total of 8 months of grabbing at every piece of knowledge I could, I applied to be the Executive Assistant for the CEO of an Entertainment PR Firm. She was INTENSE. She blatantly told me that she didn’t think I had the experience to be her assistant, but wanted me to come back on Monday and “try out” for the position…I’m pretty sure my bow tie helped lock that one in. Ok, so Monday rolled around and I was determined to beat out the competition. Then I was handed an “internship orientation” manual and was assured this was just protocol when everyone first pops in to test out the Executive Assistant position. A week later, I was beating out the competition and was granted a stipend…She still didn’t think I could be her assistant, but wanted me to stay on in the PR Department. I accepted and quickly became the go-to guy in the (very small) office, and after two weeks I was planning events for our celebrity clientele, writing all collateral materials for our accounts, and pitching clients to media; fast forward to a month later and I was walking one of our well-known clients down red carpets and advancing her at events, which was an incredible thrill for me.

Throughout my time there, the CEO would literally scream at all of us, call us pieces of shit to our faces, make us work anywhere from 11pm-3am daily, and force us to come in on weekends and holidays while she jetted off to the Bahamas for the weekend. Whatever, I decided that I would suck it up and do it because I wanted to get ahead in this business. After being the only writer in the office (which relied SOLELY on interns who our clients were told were official employees) I had to have the discussion about legitimate payment. I was being taken advantage of. Yes, the perks were incredible and I was learning more than I ever had about PR and the whole landscape of media, however I was being presented to our clients as an actual employee…with business cards…making a DAILY INTERN STIPEND. So, when I presented her with my offer, she said I just wasn’t ready for that responsibility, but she would “take care of me.” What?!? Listen, a bitch has to pay his rent, and what I was making each month wasn’t enough to cover that and food, so I rarely ate and became extremely thin (bonus), but then I literally couldn’t think straight at work and would start making minor mistakes and forgetting things…nothing major, until I forgot to submit my client for an event while my boss was out of town. Meanwhile, I wasn’t allowed to even send an email without her approval, and I would be waiting until all hours of the night for her to respond…talk about unproductive. I had had enough of her ballistic outbursts and decided to leave, and now have the best job everrrr working for a kick-ass boss with some fantastic fashion, beauty, and lifestyle clients! Moral of the story: work your ass off, but know when you’re being taken advantage of. You deserve better, and you will be ok!

Alright, now that you’re all up to speed on my career path, we can look forward to more fun-themed entries!

Talk Soon, kidlets.



From Halston, To Hell and Back: Diaries of A Retired Cool Fashion Intern (Part 1)

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

All hail Halston...the original.

Warning: A total LiveJournalish entry ensues:

I’m finally in a place where I can truly say that I love my job…that’s right, JOB! I’m doing alright for myself in the world of Fashion PR, so it’s amazing to me that I went to school to become a buyer, and even more amazing how I got to where I am over the course of the past year. Throughout college, I was molded into an Executive wannabe with a degree combining business law, marketing, retail management, planning/merchandising, and all things fabulous. Countless all-nighters (Adderall and caffeine binges during exams would have me at the library for 4-5 days straight, only taking breaks to go home and shower…but I still had an amazing GPA, and a 29″ waist). It was intense, but nothing could compare to what I was about to endure.

I moved to New York immediately after graduation with barely $1,000 in my bank account, a life-long dream to live in the city, and a full-time, unpaid internship (read: abused) in the Sales Department at an iconic fashion house.


There was so much chaos going on, and everyone (except for my fellow interns and two sympathetic employees) was rude as can be. It was required that I take my own laptop to work, otherwise nothing would get done, and often I would have to stay until midnight or later because my boss couldn’t get her shit together. I got it…I was an intern there to be shit on and grab coffee, but still hoped to learn something in the process. Being asked to come into the office at 5AM when I had left only 4 hours earlier (giving me approximately 30 minutes of sleep due to the commute to/from the city) was the kicker. I quit after a month of working as hard as I humanly could for 14-20 hour days that would inevitably end up in tears, multiple phone calls home, and  intense exhaustion.

This picture best conveys how I felt during my first month of slavery, er...learning.

Then the Director of Marketing & Public Relations asked me to come back and be her intern because she saw how cool I was (still am). I was still running errands, but I also got to exercise my creative bones while choosing fantastic gowns for celebs to wear to red carpet events, and eventually would see my picks elegantly draped across said A-listers’ shoulders weeks later in the press as a reward. My lovely new boss would say the words “good job” willingly…and occasionally over-praise me even when I did something terribly wrong, because she understood that I was learning everything that the corporate environment entailed…from office etiquette, to the workings of a multi-million dollar business, to overnighting samples to Milan, to how intense the backlash would be if I didn’t get the CEO’s Starbucks order of a Tall Skim Chai Latte with NO MORE THAN 1/2 Pump of Chai correct (never make that mistake twice)! I ended up loving the rest of my term at La Casa de Heritage; I made priceless personal and business contacts, saw my first shows at New York Fashion Week, and even got to meet SJP a couple of times.

Whatever, internships are an incredibly valuable learning experience, no matter what type of mundane activities, tasks, or errands are put in front of you. It’s all about meeting the challenge head-on, even if it is degrading. You’ll eventually move on to a place where you are appreciated and can add true value to the team. Just don’t forget that when you’re working for somebody else, you’re providing both a service and a product. Produce tangible results (product), and do so with a fucking smile on your face that will make your boss happy (service).

Sorry to disappoint my internship-bound readers, but that’s the best piece of “wisdom” I can impart upon you this evening…Stay tuned for part two, when I talk about the contrast between heavenly bosses and then TRUE Hell! Seriously…Miranda Priestley has NOTHING on the icy bitch I’m about to discuss!



Celebrity Hairstylist Roy Teeluck Might Get Me To Eat

March 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

The invite alone is dripping with old Hollywood glamor.

You heard it here first, my many international readers and fellow fashion fiends: Celebrity hairstylist Roy Teeluck will be hosting an invitation only “Breakfast Near Tiffany’s” for fashion & beauty bloggers on March 24th from 8AM-Noon at his uber glam new salon located at 5 East 57th Street next to YSL. On my quest to become Mary Kate thin (P.S. Did you know MKAO are up for a CFDA Award?) it’s no secret that eating isn’t often a part of my daily routine, but you best believe I’ll be attending this soiree!

Featured on season two of my lover Andy Cohen‘s hit reality show “Shear Genius” Roy has worked wonders on the locks on some of the most notable women in the public eye, including Jane Fonda, Hillary Clinton, Heather Locklear, Sigourney Weaver, Rosario Dawson, Olivia Palermo, Bar Rafaeli, Bebe Neuwirth, MTV Skins’ Sophia Black D’Elia, Jaclyn Smith, and the ultra stylish Katrina Szish, among others.

I’ve been lucky enough to score a peek at the new sah-lon since it opened in February. The space alone is TO.DIE.FOR, with such a retro-glam and relaxing atmosphere that would give even Charlie Sheen a sense of sanity. Want to be a true winner sans Tiger Blood? Schedule an appointment ASAP!

Check out his new digs:

So sleek

Don't you love the color scheme?

The wall art is so fucking glam, I can't stand it.

What do you think of his new salon? Stay tuned for an update after the uber chic blogger breakfast.

Love love love.



Talk Mugler To Me, Baby

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So the Mugler show happened. Look who came back.

The Paris shows are finally distracting from Galliano’s admiration for Hitler and Lady Gaga saw an opportunity to be the center of attention yet again…Don’t even worry about Nicola Formichetti. It was only his first womenswear line. The gorgeous streamlined silhouettes, brilliant colors (so, the blue), cool lighting, and the runway composed of a maze of gothic arches with Mary-Kate thin models creeping about were all overshadowed by Gaga’s flippant trips down the catwalk. HER music, accompanied by HER over the top walks while she viciously puffed on a cigarette or waved a piece of fabric around like she was on the church fashion show episode of ANTM made me want to gag, along with those thigh-length harajuku girl pigtails.

Calm down, sister.

I get that Asian influences are a common thread throughout the collection, but we’ve seen that hair on Gwen Stefani’s background bitches for years. I mean, I love the Lady, but she’s just too much since arriving in an egg at the Grammys, her “Born This Way” video, and now this. Celebrate diversity, let your freak flag fly…more power to you, but just space these creative outbursts a bit more. Watch the entire Mugler show below.

In other news, February went very well. I have a love hate relationship with New York Fashion Week; I live for the intensity leading up to a show…so many cigarettes, pills, and gallons of anything remotely smelling of alcohol consumed by such beautiful people. The buzz around Lincoln Center was an effortless blend of superficial magic. I loved every second of it. Counting down the months until September! I feel like this post just got a little LiveJournal-esque, but whatevs…Talk soon.


PS all photos are probably from Getty.

And The #1 Most Eligible Gay Bachelor Is…

February 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been a long day at the office, and in an effort to blow off some steam I downed a bottle of Portuguese Domingos and a few beers (mind the carbs, ladies) while perusing the interweb for fun things to amuse my vast audience. To the delight of my many international readers, Out.com has listed their Top 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors of 2010. Some are fierce, while others are, well, flaccid…

I respect all gay men for being who they are, yadda yadda, but bring on the hotties…Top 5!

Thom Browne, Fashion Designer

5. Thom Browne, Fashion Designer – He’s hot, and I’d wear most of his suits if I was Mary-Kate thin.

Philip Crangi, Designer?

4. Philip Crangi, Designer and Hipster Fantasy – I’ve never heard of him, but any man that can simultaneously rock a patterned bow tie, curly ginger faux-hawk, and hipster stache is a winner in my book. Blue-eyed bonus points. Upon further Googling, Philip Crangi rocks the tattoos and is HOT! He’s like the postergay for Williamsburg:



Ok, let’s continue…

Andy Cohen, The Big Jew on Campus at Bravo

3. Andy Cohen, Sr. VP of Production and Programming at Bravo Television – How can one not love this crooked smile, endearing under-eye bags, perfect nose, and immaculate use of sarcasm on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens: Live”? Not to mention he has perfected the art of enabling rich women to exploit themselves and their families without taking the heat for it! Genius! L’chaim, my friend.

Alexis Bittar, Jewelry Designer/Pretty

2.5. Alexis Bittar, Male Jewelry Designer – I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea Alexis Bittar was a man, let alone a fox. He’s only here because he is hot, designs stunning jewelry, and his nose rivals the greatness of Andy Cohen’s. Also, the phenomenal Lauren Hutton is the new face of his S/S 11 campaign.

Luke MacFarlane, Actor

2. Luke MacFarlane, Brothers & Sisters Dreamboat – This little number infiltrated our televisions and our hearts when he was cast as Kevin Walker’s hubby, Scotty, on ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters”. I’ve been obsessed with B&S since its debut in 2006, and when Scotty came along I was ecstatic. Finally, someone on national television who doesn’t encompass every negative stereotype that the media, let alone the many ignorant viewers, have attributed to gay men.  He’s also got that enchanting what-are-you-looking-at smirk topped off by sparkly blues and the perfect amount of stubble. What did he ever see in TR Knight?

And the winner is……..

Damien Nunes, Fashion Editor at GQ

1. Damien Nunes, the fashion editing stallion of GQ Magazine – Didn’t know I liked the flava huh? Well, this one has my ultimate dream job. Not only is he the former Market Editor for Details, but he’s SO incredibly good looking! I must say, I realized who he is because I was trying to contact him for work, and then I stumbled upon his name on Out’s list of the Top 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors, but even so…he’s incredibly attractive, and the person I would like to meet most on the list, because I want to a) make a business contact, and then b) ruin that business contact by sleeping with him.

And there you have it; my superficial, albeit honest, take on Out.com’s list of the Top 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite homo-hottie at Out.com until February 14th, that way you’ll feel EXTRA single when the winner is announced! 😉

Until next time, lovelies.



All Photo Credits: Getty Images

Fashion Week Looms…

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment


Stressed out like the models at Rick Owens

Hello, bloggers, fashion fanatics, and general geeks. Welcome! I’ve started this blog in order to chronicle my journey through the thrilling and vicious world of Fashion PR in NYC while simultaneously professing my love for the Olsen twins throughout (I kid, Taylor Momsen is clearly the winner…Psych! Mary Kate is an emaciated, chain-smoking goddess).

I look forward to having many international readers, being discovered, and making you laugh along the way. I have a quite a bit to get accomplished tomorrow (pick up my boss’s watch at Cartier, organize a photo shoot, and save the lives of orphans in Somalia), so I must retreat to my 8,000,000 thread count sheets in order to wake up early only to continue the trek to NYFW.

Well, it’s been an awkward first post,